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Suchada Intarakumhang na rachasima, Ed.D.

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College policies

          In order to define a clear direction in management and further development, the college agreed to make some revision and amendment in policy, which was approved by the Executive Board on 22 January 2014. The amended policies are as follows.

          1. Policy on management

                   1.1 Improve the management system to be more convenient, faster, more efficient and more effective.

                  1.2 Carry out participatory management in a decentralized, transparent, verifiable manner.

                  1.3 Strive to become a learning organization.

          2. Policy on quality assurance

                  Develop the quality assurance system to be part of educational administration process that will contribute to continuous development in education quality and standard and to readiness for internal and external quality assessment.

          3. Policy on pedagogy

                   3.1 Improve instructional quality by implementing student-centered learning and integrative, community-based participatory approaches, leading to the development of desired attributes of graduates.

                   3.2 Provide comprehensive facilities for self-study and participatory learning.

          4. Policy on academic service

                   4.1 Deliver academic service in various forms and in response to community needs in order to improve quality of life and to empower the community.

                   4.2 Improve health staff capacities in accordance with the needs and mission.

                  4.3 Develop the education institute to be a locally, nationally and internationally recognized academic source.

            5. Policy on research and creative works

                   Develop a dynamic system for research/academic works/creative works and translate research findings into practice for education/economic/social/ organizational development as well as encouraging research presentation in national and international conferences.

            6. Policy on art and cultural preservation

                   6.1 Enhance and create an atmosphere of local culture as well as maintaining art and culture.

                  6.2 Promote an integration of art and culture, national wisdom and local wisdom in teaching and learning, graduate production, research and academic service.

          7. Policy on proactive management

                   7.1 Establish outstanding organizational image

                    7.2 Increase competitiveness

                   7.3 Strengthen public relations and proactive marketing to increase revenues

8. Policy on human resource development

         8.1 Improve capacities and quality of staff in all levels

                    8.2 Fine-tune paradigm, corporate culture and values in the organization in response to changes in the future

          9. Policy on health promotion

                    9.1 Establish organizational image by encouraging personnel and graduates to set as a good example for health promotion

                   9.2 Continually encourage teachers, staff members and students to have health-promoting behaviors

                  9.3 Provide encouraging environment for health promotion

                  9.4 Produce research/ innovation/creative work in relation to health promotion

                  9.5 Develop and provide educational programs on health promotion for community

                  9.6 Establish information and reference sources on health promotion